As a Notary Public in the State of Hawaii, we are a public officer whose functions include:

  1. administering oaths;
  2. witnessing the signing of documents;
  3. attesting to the identity of the signers of the document;
  4. noting protests; and
  5. taking acknowledgments of documents.

As a notary, we must perform the notary’s official duties with integrity, diligence, and skill.  Our duty is not confined to the one to whom the notary directly renders service, but it extends to all persons who may be affected by the notary’s act.  (66 C.J.S. Notaries  § 17)

NOTE: We are restricted from performing Notarial transactions which are Income Tax Related or with the Internal Revenue Service as a stated party of the instrument.

Mobile Notary Hours

Subject to Change Without Notice

From To Day
By Appointment Only Sunday
4:30pm 8:00pm Monday
4:30pm 8:00pm Tuesday
4:30pm 8:00pm Wednesday
4:30pm 8:00pm Thursday
4:30pm 8:00pm Friday
9:00am 4:00pm Saturday
All other times by appointment ONLY!

Mobile Travel Service Fees

Subject to Change Without Notice

Mobile Travel Fee From Destination
$10 Hilo Within Hilo
$20 Hilo Keaau-Pahoa Town or Pepeekeo
$30 Hilo Kapoho, Naalehu or Waimea
$40 Hilo Kailua Town or Kawaihae
$50 Hilo Kohala or Kalapana

Transaction Fees

Subject to Change Without Notice

Description Fee
Noting a Protest of Mercantile Paper (Usually by Financial Institutions) $5.00
Each Notice and Certified Copy of Protest of Mercantile Paper $5.00
Noting any other Protest $5.00
Each Notice and Certified Copy of Any Other Protest $5.00
Each Deposition or Official Certificate or Copy $5.00
Administration of an Oath including the Certificate of such Oath (includes Original and Four copies) $5.00
Affixing the Certificate of Oath to each Duplicate Original Instrument beyond Four $2.50
Taking any Acknowledgment (Original plus ONE Duplicate Original) – for each party signing $5.00
Affixing the Certificate of an Acknowledgment to each Duplicate Original beyond the FIRST copy – for each party making the Acknowledgment $2.50
Administration of an Oath of Loyalty N/C